Solar DC System

Industry leading solar solution combining solar DC and on grid AC electricity, seamlessly providing DC electricity output for LED lighting system. Maximizing and prioritizing the sun energy in day time with amorphous thin film PV laminate, supplement with on grid AC to provide constant DC power output for LED lighting. No battery is required to minimize unnecessary efficiency loss and maintenance. Modular design as simple and convenience kit consisting of solar PV panel, controller and DC LED tubes.

  • Amorphous thin film PV Laminate - The best solution for rooftop applications
  • The PV laminates are offered in the form of flexible laminates for building integrated PV solutions. Flexible laminates can be bonded to conventional metal roofing panels, single-ply membranes, modified bitumen roofing materials and others. The resulting modules are exceptionally durable.

  • Solar DC System

  • PV Laminate
    Model: PVL-128 Open circuit voltage: 46.2V
    Maxi power (Pmax): 128W Dimension: 5486 x 3944mm
    Voltage at Pmax: 33V Weight: 7.7kg
    Current at Pmax: 3.88A    
    Short circuit current: 4.8A    
    Model: B240W24V Output voltage: 24V DC
    Power: 240W Output current: 10A
    DC Input Voltage: 20-40V DC Dimension: 200 x 111 x 50
    AC Input Voltage: 176~264V AC (47~63Hz) Weight: 0.8kg
    DC LED Tube
    Model: L12W24V Input Voltage: 24V DC
    Power: 12W Operating current: 0.5A
    CCT: 6000K-6500K Efficacy: >98im/W
    Lumen output: >1226lm Length: 1210mm

  • Solar DC System Modular Kit - SOL240
  • SOL240 is an all-in-one modular kit for you to start green energy supply for LED light in the most convenient way. It consists of two PV Laminates PVL-128, one controller B240W24V and twenty pieces of 24V DC LED tubes. Capable of providing 240W 24V power output as a building block, SOL240 is scalable for higher power project and LED lighting system.