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GP "BA-NA-NA" PowerBank 5000 mAh - Metallic Grey

GP "BA-NA-NA" PowerBank 5000 mAh - Metallic Grey

Innocent little Bob may be the smallest of the Minions, but he's also the most enthusiastic! Everything he does, he does out of love, including going on adventures. Bob can’t wait to come with you to explore the world, so keep him at your side on your next BA-NA-NA trip!


Additional Information

BA-NA-NA! The Minions are taking over the town! Minions know how important it is to stay fuelled up and ready for any challenge, so this banana-loving tribe is ready to help out when you need to feed your power-hungry devices. When batteries run low, GP "BA-NA-NA" PowerBank is the energy-rich banana that gives your devices hours of extra battery life.

Nothing keeps you charged up on the go like the GP "BA-NA-NA" PowerBank. Its slim design (only 11 mm thick!) makes the 5000mAh PowerBank a perfect mobile charger for adventures, while its dual 2.1A output design lets you charge two devices simultaneously.


Run with Minions! Available in three sophisticated colours and an anti-scratch UV coating finishing, these helpful yellow Minions will faithfully protect your PowerBank from harm all day long.


When you've got Minions at your command, the world is in your hands!

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer 3.7V 18.5Wh
Capacity: 5000 mAh
Recharging Time (Approx.) 4 hrs
Input Current: 2A / 5V DC
Output current: 2.1A + 1A / 5V DC
Number of Outputs: 2
Dimension 142 (L) x 64.9 (W) x 11 (H) mm